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  • ホテルラヴニール

    Hotel Lavenir

    A hotel in the hilly town of Biei at the foot of the expansive Taisetsu Mountains
    • Business season :

    Central Biei

  • 割烹鯉川・スナックリング

    Japanese restaurant Koigawa & Japanese-style bar Ring

    The 2nd floor of Koigawa contains a spacious Japanese-style room for leisurely dining.
    • Rate : Party plan from \3,000 per head (please enquire)
      Throughout the year (lunch available during summer season June–Oct.)
    • Business season : Reservations required for parties & catering
      (Lunch 11:00–14:00; last order 13:30)

    Central Biei

  • Italian cafe Abete(アベーテ)

    Italian café Abete

    An Italian restaurant in central Biei
    • Rate : 11:30–15:00 (last order 14:00)
      Pasta menu
      Clay-oven pizza menu
    • Business season : Throughout the year

    Central Biei

  • 白樺かごと くらしのモノ「スイノカゴ」


    Handmade basket by white birch
    • Business season : through the yaer
    • Opening hours : 11:00 〜 16:00

    Central Biei

  • 四季の情報館

    Biei Tourist Association(In shiki-no-Jouhoukan)

    • Tel. : 0166-92-4378
    • Business season : We have a lateset information of Biei!
      You could get information and could buy suvenir which could buy only in the Biei(some of them).
      Keep your baggage in the coin locker. It's about 300yen 〜 500yen per baggage.

      Free Map!
      We have maps of English, Chinese, and Korean.

      Free Wi-Fi!!!

    • Opening hours : November-April 8:30-17:00
      May・October 8:30-18:00
      June-September 8:30-19:00

    Central Biei

  • Caferest 木のいいなかま

    Caferest Ki-no-ii-nakama

    A café and restaurant in Hokkaido’s hill town, Biei
    • Rate : Curry of the month (photo)
      Seasonal recommendations (changes according to the season)
      (Please choose from the menu, inside)
      Budget: \1,000–\1,500 per person
    • Business season : Apr.–Mar. (except for winter holiday Dec. 1–Jan. 3)
    • Opening hours : May–Oct.: 11:30 –20:30 (last order 19:30)
      Nov.–Apr.: 11:30 –19:30 (last order 18:30)
      Lunchtime (11:30–14:30)

    Central Biei

  • 丘の宿 こえる

    Oka-no Yado Koeru

    Conveniently located next to JR Biei Station
    • Tel. : 0166-92-5531
    • Rate : \7,800 per person
      (Incl. tax. As of Apr. 2014, displayed prices do not include tax)
      Please see website for details 

    Central Biei