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  • アトリエ ジョバンニ

    Atelier Gidvanni

    Stained Glass shop in Biei
    • Tel. : 0166-92-1304
    • Business season : 10:00 〜 17:00
      We have the experience course that you coule make a stained glass lump or a nice wall hanging stained glass!
      It would be very unique experience!
      Please try the course!

      【To make an original stained glass loght】
      3,500yen 〜 10,000yen

      【To make a night lump】
      2,200yen 〜

    Central Biei

  • 白樺かごと くらしのモノ「スイノカゴ」


    Handmade basket by white birch
    • Business season : through the yaer
    • Opening hours : 11:00 〜 16:00

    Central Biei

  • 四季の情報館

    Biei Tourist Association(In shiki-no-Jouhoukan)

    • Tel. : 0166-92-4378
    • Business season : We have a lateset information of Biei!
      You could get information and could buy suvenir which could buy only in the Biei(some of them).
      Keep your baggage in the coin locker. It's about 300yen 〜 500yen per baggage.

      Free Map!
      We have maps of English, Chinese, and Korean.

      Free Wi-Fi!!!

    • Opening hours : November-April 8:30-17:00
      May・October 8:30-18:00
      June-September 8:30-19:00

    Central Biei

  • クラフト&コーヒー アトリエぽぷり

    Craft & Coffee Atelier Pot-Pourri

    Welcome to Atelier Pot-Pourri
    • Tel. : 0166-92-4150(Please confirm by phone ) sorry only speak Japanese
    • Rate : Hands-on corn doll making activities from \1,800
    • Business season : Reservations required between Nov. and Apr.

    Central Biei

  • 宮本バス(貸し切り)

    Miyamoto Bus (chartered)

    For all your sightseeing needs in Biei. Winter routes is available!
    • Rate : Please enquire with regard to bookings and quotes
    • Business season : Through the year
    • Opening hours : 9:00 〜 18:00

    Central Biei

  • JR美瑛駅

    JR Biei Station

    • Rate :

    Central Biei

  • ハートのツリーイルミネーション

    Heart Tree Illumination

    Becoming know in some quarters as “a tree where wishes come true”
    • Business season : Sat., Dec. 5, 2015–Fri., Mar. 4, 2016
      Illumination period
    • Opening hours : Light-up time 16:00–23:00 

    Central Biei

  • 美瑛神社

    Biei Shrine

    Pass through two red torii gates before the majestic shrine comes into view.

    Central Biei

  • 道の駅 丘のくら

    Michi no eki Biei 「Oka-no-kura」

    Country Roadside Station
    • Opening hours : June-August 9:00-18:00
      September-May 9:00-17:00

    Central Biei