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  • ホテルラヴニール

    Hotel Lavenir

    A hotel in the hilly town of Biei at the foot of the expansive Taisetsu Mountains
    • Business season :

    Central Biei

  • 民宿 クレス

    Minshuku Cress

    Located in central Biei, a guesthouse with a homely atmosphere created by the guests themselves, who drink together and talk
    • Rate : Bed, breakfast & evening meal \5,300
      Bed, breakfast \4,300
      Accommodation only (no meals) \3,800
      Pets \1,500
      Tax-excluded price

    Central Biei

  • 丘の宿 こえる

    Oka-no Yado Koeru

    Conveniently located next to JR Biei Station
    • Tel. : 0166-92-5531
    • Rate : \7,800 per person
      (Incl. tax. As of Apr. 2014, displayed prices do not include tax)
      Please see website for details 

    Central Biei

  • プチホテル ピエ

    Petit Hotel Pi-e

    A small, reasonably priced hotel that enables guests to enjoy the town of Biei

    Central Biei

  • クンスト ハウス


    Enjoy a Biei Steak on a Biei hill
    • Tel. : 0166-92-0770
    • Rate : 1 person using a room: bed, breakfast & evening meal \16,200~
      2 persons sharing a room: bed, breakfast & evening meal \11,880~
      3 persons sharing room: bed, breakfast & evening meal \10,800~
      Children not requiring an additional bed (younger than 6): \2,100 each 

    Central Biei

  • ペンション&ギャラリー 菜摘実の里

    Pension & Gallery Natsumi no Sato

    A small pension at the foot of a hill – hospitality including delicious food made with homegrown vegetables and foodstuffs from Hokkaido.
    • Rate : Bed, breakfast and evening meal: \8,100–\8,640 (children’s rates available)
      Bead and breakfast: \6,480–\7,020
      Accommodation only (no meals): \5,940-\6,480
    • Business season : In principle, open every day throughout the year

    Central Biei

  • 美瑛のちいさな宿「四季」

    Shiki – a small guesthouse in Biei

    A space that places importance on private time; enjoy dishes served by the husband-and-wife owners, who are Hokkaido Food Meisters.
    • Rate : Adults: Bed & breakfast \13,000 (per person, in the case of 2 adults sharing a room)
    • Business season : Open throughout the year  

    Central Biei

  • 民宿 たきかわ

    Minshuku Takikawa

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificent natural environment of Biei on the vast northern island of Hokkaido. You’ll surely have a wonderful time.
    • Rate : Bed, breakfast & evening meal: \6,800
      Standard bed & breakfast: \5,400
      Accommodation only (no meals): \4,300

    Central Biei

  • 民宿 わがや

    Minshuku Wagaya

    A reasonably priced guesthouse in Biei
    • Rate : Bed, breakfast & evening meal: \5,500
      Bed, breakfast, evening meal & boxed lunch: \6,000

    Central Biei